The Legend of Jack Sparrow

The seven seas have been always the symbol of freedom. Now the age if pirates is coming to a close. Join either side, fight, make alliances, and have adventures in any of the seven seas.
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 List of Cannon Characters

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Arabella Smith


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PostSubject: List of Cannon Characters   Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:04 am

This is a list of available cannon characters, names with a strike though them mean that the character is taken. Cannon characters should be requested by pming Miss Lovett or myself. There is only one cannon allowed per member, and an rp sample must be supplied when registering.

Captain Jack Sparrow
Will Turner
Elizabeth Swann
Captain Hector Barbossa
Tia Dalma
Davy Jones
Lord Cutler Beckett
Commodore James Norrington
Governor Weatherby Swann
Mr. Gibbs
"Bootstrap" Bill Turner
Sao Feng
Captain Teague Sparrow
Mistress Ching
Sri Sumbhajee
Gentleman Jocard
Ammand the Corsair
Eduardo Villanueva
Capitaine Chevalle

Yo, ho, haul together,
hoist the colors high.
Heave ho,
thieves and beggars,
never shall we die.

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Miss Lovett

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PostSubject: Re: List of Cannon Characters   Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:10 pm

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List of Cannon Characters
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