The Legend of Jack Sparrow

The seven seas have been always the symbol of freedom. Now the age if pirates is coming to a close. Join either side, fight, make alliances, and have adventures in any of the seven seas.
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PostSubject: Beth   Thu Jul 15, 2010 8:38 am


Name: Bethanne Waters

Alias: Beth the Death

Alliance: None

Goal: To find the treasure of her now dead captain.

Age: 19

Rank: First Mate

Years at Practice: 9

Ship (if Any): None at the moment (used to be First Mate of the ship "Death's Door")

Biography: Beth was a simply farm girl until her family were kicked onto the streets because they couldn't come up with tax money. Her mother became a hooker so they could have money to eat and her father became a drunk. He stated a bar fight one night and was killed, her mother died of an illness and beth was alone at the age of 10.
From that day she swore never to fallow the law that took away her home, she would never have to sell her body for food she would take what she wanted when she wanted. And thats how Beth became a pirate. She spent 9 years on the Ship "Death's Door" where she quickly made a name for herself, Beth the Death, She was a ruthless killer. In the last battle of "Death Door" the ship had sunk and those who were alive had to swim to shore, not everyone made it.
Beth washed up on Port Royal beaches along with a small chest in it was a map to her now dead captains treasure. There had always been roamers that he had stored away loot over the years but now there was poof.
Beth is now stranded on Port Royal, she plans to waste no time in stealing a ship and heading out to find the treasure.
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PostSubject: Re: Beth   Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:33 am

Approved ~ Welcome
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